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Area: Snohomish County

Agent Tom Brown

Schools in this District

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School City Address Phone Schoolsparrow Score Grade Low Grade High
Alderwood Middle School Lynnwood 20000 28TH AVE W
Beverly Elementary Lynnwood 5221 168th St SW
Brier Elementary Brier 3625 232ND ST SW
Brier Terrace Middle School Brier 22200 BRIER ROAD
Cedar Valley Community School Lynnwood 19200 56TH AVE W
Cedar Way Elementary Mtlk Terrace 22222 39TH AVE W
College Place Elementary Lynnwood 20401 76TH AVE W
College Place Middle School Lynnwood 7501 208TH ST SW
Scriber Lake High School Edmonds 23200 100th AVE W
Hazelwood Elementary Lynnwood 3300 204TH ST SW
Hilltop Elementary Lynnwood 20425 DAMSON ROAD
Lynndale Elementary Edmonds 9521 240TH ST SW
Lynnwood Elementary Lynnwood 18638 44TH AVE W
Lynnwood High School Bothell 18218 NORTH RD
Madrona Nongraded Edmonds 9300 236TH ST SW
Maplewood Center Edmonds 20100 84TH AVE W
Meadowdale Elementary Lynnwood 6505 168TH ST SW
Meadowdale Middle School Lynnwood 6500 168TH ST SW
Meadowdale High School Lynnwood 6002 168TH ST SW
Mountlake Terrace Elementary Mtlk Terrace 22001 52ND AVE W
Mountlake Terrace High School Mtlk Terrace 21801 44TH AVE W
Oak Heights Elementary Lynnwood 15500 18TH AVE W
Seaview Elementary Edmonds 8426 188TH ST SW
Sherwood Elementary Edmonds 22901 106TH AVE W
Spruce Elementary Lynnwood 17405 42ND AVE W
Challenge Elementary Mtlk Terrace 5409 228TH ST SW
Martha Lake Elementary Lynnwood 17500 LARCH WAY
Terrace Park Elementary Mtlk Terrace 5409 228TH ST SW
Edmonds Elementary Edmonds 1215 OLYMPIC AVENUE
Maplewood Parent Coop Edmonds 8500 200TH ST SW
Edmonds Woodway High School Edmonds 7600 212TH STREET SW
Contracted Schools Lynnwood 20420 68TH AVE W
Edmonds Heights K-12 Edmonds 23200 100th Ave W
Edmonds Career Access Program Lynnwood 20000 68th Ave W
Westgate Elementary Edmonds 9601 220TH ST SW
Edmonds eLearning Academy Lynnwood 7501 208th St SW
Early Childhood Center Lynnwood 19400 56TH AVE W
Unassigned Special Education Lynnwood 20420 68TH AVE W
Chase Lake Elementary Edmonds 21603 84TH AVE W
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