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Area: Pierce County

Agent Tom Brown

Schools in this District

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School City Address Phone Schoolsparrow Score Grade Low Grade High
Brookdale Elementary Tacoma 611 132nd Street S
Central Avenue Elementary Tacoma 4505 104th Street E
Christensen Elementary Tacoma 10232 Barnes Lane
Elmhurst Elementary School Tacoma 420 133rd ST E
Franklin Pierce High School Tacoma 11002 18TH AVE E
Harvard Elementary Tacoma 1709 85th Street E
James Sales Elementary Tacoma 11213 Sheridan Ave S
Morris Ford Middle School Tacoma 1602 104th Street East
Perry G Keithley Middle School Tacoma 12324 12TH AVE S
Washington High School Tacoma 12420 Ainsworth Ave S
Gates Secondary School Tacoma 813 132nd Street S
Midland Elementary Tacoma 2300 105th St E
Learning Support Tacoma 315 129th Street So
Gates Open Doors Program Tacoma 813 132nd St. S.
Early Learning Center Tacoma 12223 S A Street
Collins Elementary Tacoma 4608 128th St E
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