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Area: King County

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Schools in this District

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School City Address Phone Schoolsparrow Score Grade Low Grade High
Bell Elementary Kirkland 11212 NE 112TH
Audubon Elementary Redmond 3045 180th NE
Franklin Elementary Kirkland 12434 NE 60th
Rush Elementary Redmond 6101 152nd Ave NE
Sandburg Elementary Kirkland 12801 - 84th Ave NE
Dickinson Elementary Redmond 7040 - 208th NE
Finn Hill Middle School Kirkland 8040 NE 132nd ST
Keller Elementary Kirkland 13820 - 108th NE
Mann Elementary Redmond 17001 NE 104th
Muir Elementary Kirkland 14012 132nd AVE NE
Juanita Elementary Kirkland 9635 NE 132nd
Kamiakin Middle School Kirkland 14111 132ND AVE NE
Kirkland Middle School Kirkland 430 18th AVE
Lake Washington High Kirkland 12033 NE 80TH
Lakeview Elementary Kirkland 10400 NE 68TH
Twain Elementary Kirkland 9525 130th Ave NE
Kirk Elementary Kirkland 1312 6th Street
Redmond Elementary Redmond 16800 NE 80th
Redmond High Redmond 17272 NE 104th
Redmond Middle School Redmond 10055 166th AVE NE
Frost Elementary Kirkland 11801 NE 140th
Rose Hill Elementary Kirkland 8044 128th AVE NE
Rose Hill Middle School Redmond 13505 NE 75th
Thoreau Elementary Kirkland 8224 NE 138th
Eastlake High School Sammamish 400 228th NE
Contractual Schools Redmond 16250 NE 74th ST
Emerson High School Kirkland 10903 NE 53rd ST
Mead Elementary Sammamish 1725 216th AVE NE
Evergreen Middle School Redmond 6900 208th AVE NE
Rockwell Elementary Redmond 11125 - 162nd AVE NE
Alcott Elementary Redmond 4213 - 228th AVE NE
Smith Elementary Sammamish 23305 NE 14th St
Wilder Elementary Woodinville 22130 NE 133rd
Mcauliffe Elementary Sammamish 23823 NE 22nd
Inglewood Middle School Sammamish 24120 NE 8th ST
International Community School Kirkland 11133 NE 65th ST
Einstein Elementary Redmond 18025 NE 116th
Blackwell Elementary Sammamish 3225 - 205th PL NE
Emerson K-12 Kirkland 10903 NE 53rd Street
Futures School Kirkland 10601 NE 132nd
Stella Schola Redmond 13505 NE 75th Street
Renaissance School Sammamish 400 228th Ave NE
Carson Elementary Sammamish 1035 - 244th Ave NE
Tesla STEM High School Redmond 4301 228th Ave NE
Explorer Community School Redmond 7040 208th NE
Ready Start Preschool Redmond 15130 NE 95th ST
Community School Kirkland 11133 NE 65th
Northstar Middle School Kirkland 10903 NE 53rd St
Washington Network for Innovative Careers Redmond WaNIC
Discovery School Kirkland 12801 84th NE
Juanita High Kirkland 10601 NE 132ND
Environmental & Adventure School Kirkland 8040 NE 132nd
Rosa Parks Elementary Redmond 22845 NE Cedar Park Crescent
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