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Our mission is to bring equitable school rankings to all families in the US.

Today, many parents are making decisions about where to purchase a home based on school rankings and word of mouth. We believe parents should have a more balanced view of school quality when making one of the the biggest investments of their lives.

Schools are an integral part of the surrounding community. In addition to educating the community’s children, they employ residents, connect neighbors, and impact home values.


The public perception of any one school has an enormous impact on the surrounding community. Families that move to a new city are paying careful attention to school quality, and choosing neighborhoods where the school is perceived as high quality.

Today’s system is hurting neighborhoods around great schools that are overlooked by parents due to an artificially low score on the dominant school rankings sites.

We help change public perception about underrated schools so that communities can better position themselves to attract families that will send their children to the neighborhood school.



When parents start searching for real estate, they end up on websites where school rankings for the schools assigned to any one property are published.

Schools that score below a certain threshold are passed over in favor of schools with higher scores. Generally speaking, our experience has been parents want to see a 7 or better, or they will likely pass over the school (and the associated home).

The result is parents are being steered towards schools in communities with high real estate prices, longer commutes, and very little diversity.

The ubiquitous school rankings on real estate search portals favor privileged neighborhoods and discount schools with diversity. This is because parent income is the largest influencer of standardized test scores - not school quality.

These scores are actually contributing to the segregation of our nation’s schools, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Our rankings elevate diverse schools to the forefront, and shift focus away from family income.

Our ranking algorithm controls for parent income. The result is a more balanced view of school quality that identifies schools where the educators are making the difference, not simply benefiting from higher taxes that fund bigger budgets in more privileged areas.

We hope to spread awareness to parents nationwide about the real driver of most school rankings (parent income), and deliver an alternative ranking system that focuses on fairness and equality.


In the end, using our system, people will be able to live in more affordable communities,
closer to work, and with more time to spend with their families. If a working parent can
spend an extra hour a day with their children, and that time is spent wisely, this
overcomes the incremental difference between any two schools.


A Better Education

Imagine finding a home that fits within budget but also provides your children with an amazing education. It’s no longer just a great elementary school, but a bright future.


More Time At Home

Imagine what happens when you live closer to your job and spend less time commuting; you’re able to spend more time with your children.


Stronger Communities

Imagine what happens when parents see the value in their local public schools and continue to support their growth and students.