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About Schoolsparrow

How it Works

If you want a bubble school, there are plenty of sites out there that will steer you to schools where parent incomes are high (parent incomes are the largest influencer of test scores at a school). But test scores are meaningless without the context of parent incomes at the school which is why our rankings are normalized for parent incomes. Our ranking system elevates socio-economically diverse schools and illuminates schools you might have otherwise overlooked; so if you value diversity, then you have come to right place. We get revenue if you allow us to introduce you to one of our highly vetted licensed Realtors who is knowledgeable about your target area or target schools.

1. Data Driven
We Associate 4 Data Sets

School Boundaries. Performance Data. Real Estate. Train Locations. If your employer is on our system, we can even filter listings by your max commute time to work.

2. School + Home Search
Don't rely on Word of Mouth

Find the top 30 schools with homes for sale right now that match your requirements, ranked by our formula which accounts for parent incomes at the school.

3. Find an Agent
School Focused Realtors

You save money and give back when you use a SchoolSparrow Agent to buy a home.

Search Homes for Sale

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Find the Best Schools

Our search finds homes for sale that match your requirements and automatically sorts them by the 30 highest ranked schools in the area.

Connect with a Trusted Agent

When you work with a SchoolSparrow verified real estate to purchase a home, SchoolSparrow will facilitate a significant donation to be split between your school’s parent group and an underprivileged school.

Search Homes Now

No Realtor Can Reproduce This Powerful Search.

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Create Your Account to Receive More Benefits

Our home search is always free to use, but the true power of SchoolSparrow comes when you sign up for a free account.

Save Money

We’ve partnered with locally based education consultants to give you 50% off any education consulting services you may need. All you need to do is create a free account and the discount is yours. Partner with a SchoolSparrow on your home search to receive 2 FREE hours of education consulting services.

Save Your Home Search

With an account, you’ll be able to save your home searches and return to them later. When new homes come on the market that fit your criteria, they’ll appear in your saved search.

Daily Home Search Alerts

We’re always on the lookout for your next home. Registered users receive daily email notifications with updated or new home listing in your search area, including the assigned schools for each property.

More Robust Real Estate Data

Registered users gain access to even more comprehensive data about schools and homes in their search area to help you make the right decision and the precise right time for your family.

Give Back - Connect With A School Focused Realtor

SchoolSparrow will facilitate a 5% donation to your School and an underprivileged School when you buy a home with a SchoolSparrow Agent. Registered users can connect with a SchoolSparrow Partner Agent who is qualified to conduct a comprehensive school-based home search with tools only available to SchoolSparrow Partner Agents. We get a fee from Partner Agents for making the introduction, so please connect today and keep SchoolSparrow alive!

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"SchoolSparrow helped me find a great home in the attendance boundaries of the school we wanted. I would recommend SchoolSparrow to anyone who is looking for a home where Public Schools are a factor."

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Who Are We?

Schoolsparrow is comprised of real estate brokerages in several US cities who own a niche in local real estate: superior knowledge about public schools and their programs. Our partner agents have been highly vetted, and you can rest assured they are experienced practitioners at helping both buyers and sellers transact real estate, especially in the attendance boundaries of targeted public elementary, middle and high schools. By engaging one of our agents, you will unlock additional tools to not only identify potential schools for your children, but also stay up to date on new listings in your desired school boundaries. Contact Us to get introduced to an agent that can help in your city.

What Makes Schoolsparrow Unique?

Every family is different, so whether you are looking for a high school with a strong selection of AP classes, a middle school with a substantial music program that supports violin, or an elementary school that is renowned for its special education program; our partner agents can help you navigate to the school and property that meets your needs. Schoolsparrow can connect you with licensed Realtors in your target market who are knowledgeable about public schools and their programs. We give you the power to uncover the right schools with homes that fit your budget, and our unique Home + School Search is a great place to start.

Our Story

Schoolsparrow was created in early 2012 when the owner of the company, Tom Brown, was looking for a home for his family in Chicago with school attendance boundaries being the critical factor. At the time, not only was it hard to conduct a search by school boundary, but also the lack of useable data on schools was frustrating. Back then, people had to rely on word of mouth to discover target schools for their children. Tom built Schoolsparrow to make it easy to conduct a School + Home search in Chicago by bringing school boundaries, school performance, and the MLS to allow unique school-based real estate searches. The popularity of the site in Chicago has resulted in the concept expanding to several markets across the nation. Schoolsparrow and our agents have more power than most realtors to uncover the best public schools that fit your needs and your budget.

Note: this video was made before New Urban Property Services, LLC was changed to Sparrow Realty, LLC. Update coming soon!