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ACTV Condo/Townhome



2 Beds 2 Baths

Schools: Nettelhorst Elem School, Lake View High School

PCKT Condo/Townhome


1434 N Wood St

3 Beds 3.0 Baths

Schools: Burr Elem School, Wells Community Academy HS

ACTV Single-Family


932 S Euclid AVE

4 Beds 3 Baths

Schools: Irving Elem School, Percy Julian Middle School, Oak Park & River Forest High Sch

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Performance statistics are segmented by GRADE for every school. Select the grade for which you want performance statistics calculated and schools ranked. As testing begins in 3rd grade, starting there may uncover schools that are improving. If you have a middle or high schooler, select a higher grade to see the top 30 schools based on that particular grade's performance statistics.

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Chicagoland is segmented into six areas. You can select one or all areas, including the City of Chicago, North Suburbs, Northwest Suburbs, West Suburbs, Southwest Suburbs and South Suburbs. The search will display the top 30 schools, in your selected area(s), with at least one home for sale that matches your criteria within each school's attendance boundaries.

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