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We empower you to conduct a school & home search simultaneously. We partner with local school districts to ensure our platform displays the homes that meet your unique criteria for the schools you want with the utmost accuracy.

We are the school experts in the real estate industry.

Client Testimonial

"We found SchoolSparrow to be an extremely useful tool and it connected us up with a list of places and a great person to help us find a place. We got to Chicago from New York and within one day of looking we were able to see a number of properties within the districts we wanted."

Sudhakar Balachadran

"Our experience was fantastic. We were very concerned about schools around the area we were purchasing houses and it was really quick and easy to find information on the schools, especially on the mobile devices."

Karen & Robert

"I think this is a really useful website for anyone that has kids, anyone who is thinking about where they want their kids to go to school and what type of school. The search engine sets it up so you can look by school and get a lot of background as well. It feeds directly from the public school districts so that you know when it says your place is zoned for this school, you can trust it."

Sudhakar Balachadran
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