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School ratings are not communicating what parents think they are communicating

The school ratings you see on all the major real estate search portals are misleading. The reason is that test scores are a major factor in those ratings. But research has shown that test scores are 70-80% attributed to PARENT INCOME, not school quality.

As a result, schools where parents have high incomes tend to get high scores, and schools where parents have diverse or low to moderate incomes get low scores.

Some of the best schools, where there is a strong culture of inclusion and excellence, with high morale, low teacher turnover, and students that are beating expectations, are overlooked by parents because of these unfair ratings.


Standardized test results are just one small factor to consider when evaluating if a school is a good fit for your kids, and perhaps not really that important a factor.

However, if you are going to consider test scores, then our ratings will deliver more truth about school quality than the ratings you see on all the real estate search portals.


Parents deserve more fair and balanced information about student performance when making the biggest investment of their lives.

That's why we've developed a rating system that uses data science to account for the huge impact that parent incomes have on student test scores.

Our ratings provide more truth about school quality, and they are a better indicator of school's where the educators are making a difference.

Balanced Data

We control for factors beyond the control of schools and students, like parent income.

Diversity Factors

A diverse community is key to a child’s development. We have a system that supports those environments.

Real Quality

Great schools aren’t just found in high-income zip codes. We help you find real quality schools in any zip code.


Today's rating system is harming cities across the nation because unfair school ratings are steering parents to other communities where the schools are perceived to be “better”.

When it comes to economic development, unfair school ratings can undermine other efforts aimed at attracting and retaining residents. Particularly when moving to a new community, parents want a score of 7 or better or they won't consider the school and the home and neighborhood the school serves.

Consider the City of Boston, where the established rating system says there 0 (zero) elementary schools that rate a 7 or above in Boston. Our system identifes dozens of elementary schools in Boston that should rate between 7 and 10, and in fact, these are some of the highest quality schools in the entire Boston Metro Area. What if the general public knew about our ratings? At the moment, parents are being steered away from Boston Proper at least partially due to biased school ratings.

We rank public K-12 Schools by controlling for parent income, the single most influential factor in predicting standardized test performance.




“I was absolutely overjoyed to hear that LSES made the Top 30 in the metro Atlanta area. For the past 13 years, the school, its students, staff, and community have been my heart and my reason for getting up every day. While many leaders at high poverty schools complain about the lack of parental support, I had parents who made their children’s education a top priority.

Over 30% of the student body speak a language other than English at home and I always told them that they were smarter than the average kids because not only were they learning to read, write, and compute but they were also learning English at the same time. The kids are amazing!! I also attribute much of the growth that the students made over the years to the fact that we are a family. While we might look different and might not be related, we are family. We celebrated our differences along with the various cultures and languages represented among the students and staff. Our diversity makes us stronger!”

-Mr. Marchant, Principal, Douglas County School System


Are your schools being portrayed fairly to the public? You can take control of the narrative and help parents discover the true quality of your schools. You might know your schools are good, but perception is reality when it comes to people moving to your city.

"When it comes to attracting and retaining talent, schools are possibly the most important factor for a city and their economic development efforts. When school ratings are not truly rating the schools performance it can undercut everything that community is doing."

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Now you can help your clients make more informed decisions about school quality when considering a home purchase. Our partner agents can feature their listings on SchoolSparrow. In a listing presentation, that additional exposure could result in more listings falling your way, especially when the home is located in a school boundary that rates high on our system, but low on all the real estate search portals.

We might give preference to real estate agents that have their listings featured on SchoolSparrow, particularly when the schools that serve our developments are underrated.

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Is your school being portrayed fairly to the public? Perhaps your own school district is using straight test scores as a measure of student performance, and inadvertently underrating your performance as well. Now you can take control of the narrative and help parents and your school district recognize the quality of education at your

Thank you for the recognition in your article, it’s lifting the spirits of our staff today!

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Our data is truly different, and makes it easier for realtors to avoid common issues like steering as they help families find new homes. Founded by a real estate broker who experienced issues with the way families were being guided through the process of home-buying firsthand at other firms, our technology was developed to ensure transparency and fairness in both real estate and education.

Our school search data is completely free to all families and agents, but we do offer additional agent tools and training to help address systemic issues common in the process of purchasing a home.



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