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Our Partner Agents are the lifeblood of SchoolSparrow. They are trained to conduct school focused home searches, and they will help you avoid pitfalls when it comes to your School+Home search, for example, what if your school of choice is talking right now about changing the boundaries? SchoolSparrow agents have tools to make your life easier when it comes to selecting schools. We'll show you 30 schools that could work for you based on your real estate needs. and your Partner Agent will help guide you to rescources so you can narrow down the list based on your childs needs. Already know which School is right for your family? Perfect! Our Partner Agents are aware of off-market listings in the boundaries of your School of Choice. Let SchoolSparrow introduce you to the right Agent for your Search. Connect with an Agent Today

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Try our ECD ranking option which ranks schools based on the test performance of the Economically Disadvantaged students at the school. Inspired by this post.

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