Bellwood SD 88, Illinois. School Rankings and homes available |

Number: 88

Area: Cook County

Agent Tom Brown

Schools in this District

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School City Address Phone Schoolsparrow Score Grade Low Grade High
Grant Elem School Melrose Park 1300 N 34th Ave 54.28 01 05
Lincoln Elementary School Bellwood 3420 Jackson St 43.98 KG 05
McKinley Elem School Bellwood 3317 Butterfield Rd 38.77 KG 05
Thurgood Marshall Elem School Bellwood 2501 Oak St 45.72 KG 05
Roosevelt Middle School Bellwood 2500 Oak St 48.82 06 08
Early Childhood Center Bellwood 3519 Wilcox Ave
Grant Primary Stone Park 1801 N 36th Ave KG KG
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