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Number: 44

Area: DuPage County

Agent Tom Brown

Schools in this District

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School City Address Phone Schoolsparrow Score Grade Low Grade High
Glenn Westlake Middle School Lombard 1514 S Main St 122.00 06 08
Madison Elementary School Lombard 150 W Madison St 137.42 KG 05
Butterfield Elem School Lombard 2s500 Gray Ave 172.83 PK 05
Wm Hammerschmidt Elem School Lombard 617 Hammerschmidt Av 153.90 KG 05
Park View Elem School Lombard 341 N Elizabeth St 167.70 KG 05
Pleasant Lane Elem School Lombard 401 N Main St 140.45 KG 05
Manor Hill Elem School Lombard 1464 S Main St 142.57 KG 05
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