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A Solution For Your Employee's Biggest Challenge When Faced With A Relocation

What's their biggest challenge?

If they have a family: SCHOOLS.

AND they must be able to AFFORD the right home, and have a reasonable COMMUTE.

But the current resources out there are pushing your employees to privileged areas, often in the suburbs with long commutes, expensive real estate, and often very little diversity.
Our Unique School + Home Search takes their desired real estate and commute time, and delivers the Top 30 SCHOOLS that have homes for sale, right now, that match their requirements.

Our unique ranking system identifies schools they would have otherwise overlooked.

And often located closer to the urban core with shorter commutes and more time with their family.

School Search: Redefined

Our rankings illuminate diverse schools, often located closer to the urban core with shorter commutes, with affordable real estate, and higher socio-economic diversity.

Best Affordable Schools

Our search creates the highest probability of your employee finding adequate real estate near a good school.

Retain Your Employees

SchoolSparrow maximizes a positive response to the relocation opportunity, and increases the probability of retention.

What People Are Saying About SchoolSparrow

Karen G.

"SchoolSparrow helped me find a great home in the attendance boundaries of the school we wanted. I would recommend SchoolSparrow to anyone who is looking for a home where Public Schools are a factor."

Plan 1: FREE

Refer your employees to SchoolSparrow where they can find the top 30 schools they can afford, and filter by max distance to public transit if available.

Plan 2: Single Office. $2,000 set-up / $300/mo

We'll map the travel time from every listing to your office. your employees will be able to filter home listings by their desired max travel time, and those that have families can now find the top 30 schools that meet both their real estate and commute requirements.

Plan 3: Multiple Offices. Call for Pricing.

The same features as plan 2, but available in multiple cities. we can provide in any city in the United States.

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