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Area: Pierce County

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Schools in this District

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School City Address Phone Schoolsparrow Score Grade Low Grade High
Bethel High School Spanaway 22215 38th Avenue East
Bethel Middle School Spanaway 22201 38th Avenue East
Chester H Thompson Elementary Tacoma 303 159TH ST E
Clover Creek Elementary Tacoma 16715 36th Avenue East
Elk Plain School of Choice Spanaway 22015 22nd Avenue East
Kapowsin Elementary Graham 10412 264th Street East
Spanaway Elementary Spanaway 412 165th St S
Spanaway Middle School Tacoma 15701 B Street East
Frontier Middle School Graham 22110 108th Avenue East
Evergreen Elementary Spanaway 1311 172nd Street East
Naches Trail Elementary Tacoma 15305 Waller Road East
Shining Mountain Elementary Spanaway 21615 38th Ave E
Cedarcrest Middle School Spanaway 191201 13th Avenue Crt. E.
Spanaway Lake High School Spanaway 1305 168th Street East
Rocky Ridge Elementary Graham 6514 260th Street East
Challenger High School Spanaway 18020 B Street East
Camas Prairie Elementary Spanaway 320 176th Street East
Graham Elementary Graham 10026 204th Street East
Centennial Elementary Bethel Graham 24323 54th Avenue East
Pioneer Valley Elementary Spanaway 7315 Eustis Hunt Road
North Star Elementary Graham 7719 224th Street East
Graham Kapowsin High School Graham 22100 108th Ave E
Cougar Mountain Middle School Graham 5108 260th St. East
Frederickson Elementary Puyallup 17418 74TH AVE E
Nelson Elementary School Graham 22109 108th Ave E
Liberty Middle School Spanaway 7311 Eustis-Hunt Rd E
Acceleration Academy Spanaway 16218 Pacific Ave
ECEAP W Tacoma 303 159th Street E
Shining Mountain Preschool Spanaway 21917 38th Ave E
SpEd Preschool Tacoma 303 159th Street E
Spanaway Lake High School Preschool Spanaway 1305 168th St E
Thompson Preschool Tacoma 15616 5th Ave E
Pioneer Valley Preschool Spanaway 7315 Eustis Hunt Rd
Elk Plain Head Start Spanaway 22015 22nd Ave E
Spanaway Elementary Preschool Spanaway 215 166th St S
Spanaway Elementary ECEAP Spanaway 215 166th St S
Birth to Three Tacoma 303 159th Street E
Pierce County Skills Center Puyallup 16117 Canyon Rd E
Roy Elementary Roy 340 Peterson St
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