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Area: King County

Agent Tom Brown

Schools in this District

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School City Address Phone Schoolsparrow Score Grade Low Grade High
Adelaide Elementary School Federal Way 1635 SW 304th ST
Brigadoon Elementary School Federal Way 3601 SW 336th ST
Camelot Elementary School Auburn 4041 S 298TH
Decatur High School Federal Way 2800 SW 320TH ST
Federal Way High School Federal Way 30611 16TH AV S
Illahee Middle School Federal Way 36001 1st AVE S
Kilo Middle School Auburn 4400 S 308TH ST
Lake Dolloff Elementary School Auburn 4200 S 308TH ST
Lake Grove Elementary School Federal Way 303 SW 308TH ST
Lakeland Elementary School Auburn 35827 32ND AV S
Lakota Middle School Federal Way 1415 SW 314TH ST
Nautilus K-8 School Federal Way 1000 S 289TH ST
Olympic View Elementary School Federal Way 2626 SW 327TH ST
Sacajawea Middle School Federal Way 1101 S DASH POINT RD
Star Lake Elementary School Kent 4014 S 270TH
Sunnycrest Elementary School Kent 24629 42ND AV S
Thomas Jefferson High School Auburn 4248 S 288TH ST
Totem Middle School Kent 26630 40TH AVE S
Twin Lakes Elementary School Federal Way 4400 SW 320TH ST
Valhalla Elementary School Auburn 27847 42ND AV S
Wildwood Elementary School Federal Way 2405 S 300TH ST
Woodmont K-8 School Des Moines 26454 16TH AV S
Green Gables Elementary School Federal Way 32607 47TH AVE SW
Saghalie Middle School Federal Way 33914 19TH AV SW
Enterprise Elementary School Federal Way 35101 5TH AVE SW
Panther Lake Elementary School Federal Way 34424 1ST AV S
Mark Twain Elementary School Federal Way 2450 S STAR LAKE RD
Silver Lake Elementary School - Federal Way Federal Way 1310 SW 325TH ST
Meredith Hill Elementary School Auburn 5830 S 300TH ST
Sherwood Forest Elementary School Federal Way 34600 12TH AV SW
Rainier View Elementary School Federal Way 3015 S 368TH ST
Internet Academy Federal Way 31455 28th Ave S
Federal Way Public Academy Federal Way 34620 9TH AV S
Sequoyah Middle School Auburn 3425 S 360th ST
Todd Beamer High School Federal Way 35999 16TH AV S
Technology Access Foundation Academy Kent 26720 40th Ave S
Career Academy at Truman High School Federal Way 31455 28th Ave S
Open Doors Youth Reengagement (1418) Federal Way 2104 S 314th St
Gateway to College Federal Way 33330 8th Ave S
Merit School Federal Way 36001 1ST AV S
Employment Transition Program Federal Way 33250 21st Ave SW
Federal Way Running Start Home School Federal Way 33330 8th Ave S
Federal Way Public Schools Headstart Federal Way 31457 28th Ave S
Federal Way Public School ECEAP Federal Way 33330 8th Ave S
Birth to Three Development Center Federal Way 35535 6th PL SW
Dynamic Family Services Kent 10811 SE Kent Kanlgey Rd
Support School Federal Way 33330 8th Ave S
Mirror Lake Elementary School Federal Way 625 S 314TH ST
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