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Area: Pierce County

Agent Tom Brown

Schools in this District

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School City Address Phone Schoolsparrow Score Grade Low Grade High
Shaw Road Elementary Puyallup 1106 Shaw Rd
Aylen Jr High Puyallup 101 15th St SW
Walker High School Puyallup 5715 Milwaukee Ave E
Edgemont Jr High Edgewood 2300 110th Ave E
Firgrove Elementary Puyallup 13918 Meridian S
Ballou Jr High Puyallup 9916 136th St E
Fruitland Elementary Puyallup 1515 Fruitland Ave
Rogers High School Puyallup 12801 86th Ave E
Stewart Elementary Puyallup 426 4th Ave NE
Karshner Elementary Puyallup 1328 8th Ave NW
Meeker Elementary Puyallup 409 5th St SW
Mt View Elementary Edgewood 3411 119th Ave E
Northwood Elementary Edgewood 9805 24th St E
Puyallup High School Puyallup 105 Seventh St SW
Spinning Elementary Puyallup 1306 E Pioneer
Sunrise Elementary Puyallup 2323 39th Ave SE
Waller Road Elementary Tacoma 6312 Waller Rd E
Wildwood Elementary Puyallup 1601 26th Ave SE
Woodland Elementary Puyallup 7707 112th St E
Stahl Junior High Puyallup 9610 168th St E
Ridgecrest Elementary Puyallup 12616 Shaw Rd E
Ferrucci Jr High Puyallup 3213 Wildwood Pk Dr
Pope Elementary Puyallup 15102 122nd Ave E
Brouillet Elementary Puyallup 17207 94th Ave E
Warren Hunt Elem Puyallup 12801 144th St E
Zeiger Elementary Puyallup 13008 94th Ave E
Emerald Ridge High School Puyallup 12405 184th St E
Edgerton Elementary Puyallup 16528 127th Ave Ct E
Carson Elementary Puyallup 8615 184th St E
Glacier View Junior High Puyallup 12807 184th St E
Phoenix Program Puyallup 716 South Hill Park Drive
Puyallup Parent Partnership Program Puyallup 716 South Hill Park Drive
Kalles Junior High Puyallup 501 7th Ave SE
Open Doors Puyallup Puyallup 716 South Hill Park Drive
Hilltop Elementary Edgewood 2110 110th Ave E
Riverside Elementary Puyallup 5515 44th St E
PSD Special Services Puyallup Puyallup School District Special Services
Quest Puyallup 428 11th St SW
Maplewood Elementary Puyallup 1110 W Pioneer
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