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Find Your Top 30 Chicagoland Schools with Homes for Sale that Match Your Requirements

School + Home Search

Step 1
Select #Beds and Max Price

Enter your desired minimum number of bedrooms and the maximum price for your real estate search. The search will display the top 30 schools with at least one home for sale that matches your requirements within each school's attendance boundaries.

Step 2
Select Grade

Performance statistics are segmented by GRADE for every school. Select the grade for which you want performance statistics calculated and schools ranked. As testing begins in 3rd grade, starting there may uncover schools that are improving. If you have a middle or high schooler, select a higher grade to see the top 30 schools based on that particular grade's performance statistics.

Step 3
Select Area

Chicagoland is segmented into six areas. You can select one or all areas, including the City of Chicago, North Suburbs, Northwest Suburbs, West Suburbs, Southwest Suburbs and South Suburbs. The search will display the top 30 schools, in your selected area(s), with at least one home for sale that matches your criteria within each school's attendance boundaries.

About SchoolSparrow

Who are we?

SchoolSparrow is partnered with local licensed real estate brokers who collectively own a niche in local real estate: superior knowledge about public schools. We are experienced practitioners at helping people transact real estate, especially in the attendance boundaries of public elementary, middle and high schools. By engaging one of our agents, you will unlock additional tools to stay up to date on new listings in your desired school boundaries. See our Partner Agents

Our Story

Schoolsparrow was born when the owner of the company, Tom Brown, was looking for a home for his family with school attendance boundaries being the critical factor. At the time, it was hard to even conduct a search by school boundary, but also the lack of useable data on schools was frustrating. Tom is also a database backed web application developer and built schoolsparrow for his own use to make it easy to conduct a school + home search. Schoolsparrow and our agents have more power than most realtors to uncover the best public schools that fit your budget.

What makes Schoolsparrow Unique?

We give you the power to uncover schools with homes that fit your budget. Schoolsparrow also gives you the power to uncover schools that are possibly improving, by allowing you to rank the school by specific grade test scores with no consideration for test scores in other grades. Schools often improve by the bottom up, so students in lower grades might be outperforming students in higher grades at improving schools