Additional Resources for School Research

Organization Name Description
CPSObsessed This is one of the most useful blogs for parents looking to navigate CPS. It's run by a CPS parent and provides a lot of insight into events, application deadlines, workshops, and other CPS related content.
LiveByTransit LivebyTransit is a useful real estate application that enables users to search for homes / apartments near popular public transit locations.
Primary Readiness Enrichment Program Primary Readiness Enrichment Program, is a comprehensive program dedicated to preparing both preschoolers and their parents for the application, testing and enrollment process for public and private schools in the city of Chicago.
Chicago Preschool Pro Chicago Preschool Pro is an educational consulting service that helps families successfully navigate the preschool, kindergarten, elementary, and middle school admissions process.
Chicago School GPS Chicago School GPS is a school search consulting service devoted to helping parents find the right public and/or private school(s) to meet their children's general, gifted or special education needs, from preschool to high school.